How to Paint Music Painting Party 18+

I'm so excited you are coming to our Event "How to Paint Music".  

Your instructor is Adriana and together we're painting "How to Paint Music".  I just love how the reds play centre stage to the Keyboard and during this painting you'll discover how we paint clouds.  Come early and grab your seats and we hope this is a great way for you to spend the night.  Come and have a laugh at the studio Friday 6th March.

Here's what to do when you arrive;

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early at 5:45 pm to set up your food and drinks and get settled in
  • Place your belongings in the lounge
  • Set yourself up with drinks and nibblies (BYO) and use the fridge to keep them cold.
  • Put on an apron to protect your clothes - located at the door
  • Take the plastic off your canvas and pop your name tag on your apron
  • Together we’ll get our paint before we start
  • If you wear reading glasses we recommend that you bring them along
  • Grab a seat, we have 2 big tables for 12 people
  • There is plenty of parking at the front of the Painting pARTy studio.

Once you have booked you will receive a confirmation from us. 

We all help out with the cleanup process so please note these bits

  • For all cleaning of brushes and jars, we use the sink in the lounge room. 
  • Brushes need to be thoroughly cleaned of paint then left on the sink 
  • Jars are simply rinsed out and placed upside down on the sink
  • The sink in the "studio" area is for coffee, tea and food-related bits.  

I'm so looking forward to sharing this Painting pARTy with you all!


Adriana x

If you would like to book your own Painting pARTy at the Studio, your home or workplace, or a venue of your choice please simply click here.  

Friday, 6 March 2020
6:00pm - 10:00pm
$55.00 per person

Bookings Closed

Sorry, bookings for this event closed 6 Mar 2020 6:00 pm.