Membership is currently closed, link below to get on the waitlist!

The Painting pARTy Membership is an excellent "YOU TIME".  Meet up with friends, meet new people and fellow creators AND to keep you painting and relaxing regularly.  If you haven't joined us for a live presentation yet,  register now by clicking on the link below then you'll get an invitation to join us when we open the doors again this year!

Doors Open Monday October 12, 2020

Important Terms and Conditions and good stuff to read.

  1. The membership doors will re-open later in the year
  2. The "Collective Membership" is only available in 2020
  3. The "Pride" Studio Membership is per painter and is not transferable
  4. The "Tribe" On-Line Membership can be used per household
  5. The "Annual Pass" Membership is transferable and you can bring a buddy
  6. All memberships have an option to pay an Annual Membership Pay for 10. . .Paint for 12!
  7. We will contact you to supply your best payment details when you sign up and your first payment is your start date
  8. Membership payments are processed monthly.  You will receive a recurring invoice that you will be able to approve automatic payments
  9. By signing up you are making a promise to yourself that you will be creating time and space in your life for more fun, frivolity, laughter, colour, creativity and most of all "YOU TIME"

We can't wait for you to join the Painting Party Family!

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