Membership Doors are opening Monday, 12 October 
Click here and we'll add your details to the waiting list! 


The Painting pARTy Membership is an excellent way to not only meet up regularly with your friends, family, and fellow creators but to keep you painting regularly.  If you haven't joined us for a live presentation yet,  Register now by clicking on the link above then you'll get an invitation to join us when we open the doors again this year!

Important Terms and Conditions and good stuff to read.

  1. The membership doors re-open MONDAY 12 October 2020.
  2. The "Collective Membership" is only available in 2020
  3. The "Pride" Studio Membership is per painter and is not transferable
  4. The "Tribe" Virtual Membership can be used per household. 
  5. Pay an Annual Membership and receive one month FREE!
  6. We will contact you to supply your best payment details when you sign up and your first payment begins your Painting Party membership immediately after we receive your registration.
  7. Membership payments are processed via a monthly recurring payment for your Painting pARTy Membership and you will receive a recurring invoice that you will be able to select to approve automatic payments.
  8. By signing up you are acknowledging that you will be creating time and space in your life for fun, frivolity, laughter, colour and creativity.

"Pride" - In-Studio Membership $35.00 per month or $385 Annually

$55.00 per painter

  • 1 x Canvas per painter
  • Step by step in-person instructions
  • Brushes and pallets
  • Water jars
  • Acrylic paint
  • A frilly Studio apron
  • All AV Equipment
  • Music
  • The uplifting, inclusive and positive atmosphere of the Stratford Studio
  • A fridge for drinks 
  • Corny jokes by the studio owner - an added bonus!

"Tribe" - Virtual On-Line Membership $20 per month or $220 Annually

$26 per painter

  • All advertised Virtual Painting Parties
  • Monthly invitations to each party (via Facebook Group)
  • Step-by-step live instructions
  • The freedom to chill out and paint at home
  • Include your family at home
  • No payment required for "Tribe" Members for any special Virtual events - members are our guests!

"Collective" - Painting pARTy Membership  $45 per month or $495 Annually

$81.00 per painter

  • This is the "Pride" and "Tribe" Membership Combined
  • Only available in 2020

Plus you get!

  1. No fee for your Private Painting Parties (in-studio)
  2. Private Painting pARTy Members Facebook Group for All Announcements, Units, and scheduled updates plus get to know your fellow members in the group!
  3. New painting launches – members first to book
  4. Monthly date claimers - See all events before they are announced to the public
  5. Members Christmas Painting Party Launch (In Studio) - Save the Date Friday, November 27th 2020
  6. Your own YOUNIQUE no fuss booking CODE
  7. Recorded tutorials of Virtual Parties you can paint at your own pace, play, pause, and progress

It is so exciting! Make a promise to yourself to get CREATE-ive and ART-y every month with friends, supplies, support, fun, and laughter in a guided step-by-step Painting pARTy experience.  


We can't wait to welcome you to the Painting pARTy family!


Founder - Painting pARTy, Cairns Queensland, Austrlaia