What is a Painting Party and what does it have to do with Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein said “Creativity is just intelligence having fun” and humans are, by design, creative beings.  

Born in 1879 in Germany, he wasn’t known to be a great student and some of his teachers thought he may have been retarded.  He didn’t speak fluently until he was nine, but this young Albert was fascinated by nature, experiencing a deep feeling of wonder when puzzling over the invisible.  Pure joy for him! 

What do you remember about your young school days?  Do you remember finger painting, drawing, or perhaps sculpting with clay?  When we were young and used these creative tools, fun and joy were part of the curriculum.  

Winning the drawing contest at the school fete when I was eight years old was my first sense of success.   Success can be measured in so many ways and nowadays, as a mum, a sole parent, a home manager and now a business owner, frankly, I find success can be as good as getting the laundry folded and put away for the upcoming week! 

A Painting pARTy FUNshop (not a workshop!) is entertainment, relaxation and play for adults.  We all need to take a break from our busy lifestyles, “move away from the computer and mobile phones” and relax.  Now, there are plenty of ways to relax, but I would encourage anyone, from beginners to the seasoned artist, that my Painting Party FUNshops create a great energy that's just plain fun to be around. 

A group of enthusiastic, give anything a go, soon to be heARTists (that's you) will meet at the Cairns Studio with your colleagues, or your friends or family…settle in and, step by step I will take you on a creative journey, from start to finish.  We will listen to music you love and in three hours (yes, three hours of relaxation and fun) you will leave triumphantly with your finished canvas.

All you need to bring is your wine and your phone.  Photo evidence is great for your own social posting!  

Painting Party is also great value.  Included are all the tools you need to take your finished canvas home.  This of course entitles you to bragging rights of your fantastic work which we encourage you to splash all over Facebook, Linked In and Instagram!  Your friends will wonder over your hidden talent.  

What’s in it FOR YOU?

  • We provide an open locker for your bags
  • Your canvas
  • Your easel
  • Your paints
  • A pallet
  • Water jar
  • Washers
  • Paint brushes
  • Step by step instructions from start to finish!
  • The beautiful BYO studio located in Cairns
  • And most importantly, three hours of you time!

So now that you know what a Painting Party is, you can create your very own work of art and join us at the Painting Party studio any Friday Night or we can create a Painting Party for these events just to name a few;

  • Hen’s Night
  • Birthday Party
  • Girls’ Night Out
  • Teen birthday Party (12 and up)
  • Team Building and;
  • Corporate Conferences 

After all, “Creativity is just Intelligence having Fun! 

Subscribe and book at www.paintingparty.com.au 

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