What is a Painting pARTy? 

A group of enthusiastic people... THAT'S YOU, will meet at your place for about 4 hours of painting, connecting, a little sipping and music.  Step by step your Painting pARTy instructor will take you from start to finish and you will be thrilled with your result, leaving triumphantly with your completed canvas.

A Painting pARTy is entertainment for just about anyone.  Need a break from your busy lifestyle then look no further.  Beginners are welcome and encouraged.  They are designed for all levels focusing on the fun and enjoyment of the creative space.  Most ages from as young as 8 years old can participate and its great energy that is fun to be around.

Remember to have a look at "Upcoming Events" to book into our public events and check out the growing "Gallery of Paintings" at the top of this page to see all the paintings you can choose from for your own Painting pARTy at your place.



With your friends, family or colleagues a Painting pARTy is a creative way to break the ice, work together or simply connect with friends to celebrate just about anything!  Gift Vouchers are also available to gift a seat to a Painting pARTy.


Included is your blank canvas and all the tools, brushes and paint you will need to take your finished canvas home, which qualifies you to bragging rights of your fantastic work!  We encourage you to share on your facebook page and the Painting pARTy facebook page.  There is a link to facebook at the very bottom of this page.


It really doesn't matter what you sip!  Wine, tea, coffee or your favourite beverage is great to have close by while you create your masterpiece.  The details of food and drink availability will be on each individual event.  Our basic guidelines are for good conduct designed to provide everyone with a fantastic experience and can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Other bits…

Please arrive 30 minutes before your session time so we can get settled and everyone starts at the same time.

We also reccommend that you wear clothes that you won’t mind getting a bit of paint on.  For public events, our policy is not to refund but under certain circumstances we will credit your booking to join us at a different pARTy later in the year.

Corporate & Private Events
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Terms & Conditions

Your Painting Parties

What kind of occasions can you celebrate at a Painting pARTy?

Get those creative juices flowing and let’s organise the pARTy together. Adult Painting pARTies suit just about any occasion and if it’s not on the list below, please contact us with your ideas and we’ll get back to you with a plan for your celebration.


  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building pARTy
  • Ladies Nite Out pARTy
  • Birthday pARTy
  • Children's pARTies
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Hen's Nights
  • Pre Wedding - Meet the Family

Regular in-studio pARTies...

  • Friday evenings from 5:45pm SHARP!
  • Sunday afternoons from 1:45 pm SHARP!  
  • Occasional mid- pARTies are great for the shift worker and weekend workers.


  • School Holiday Paint Club
  • Social pARTies - Work, clubs, and sporting teams 
  • Team Building and Corporate Events
  • Christmas Painting pARTy
  • "Grow Your Creative Confidence" 10- week workshops launch September 2019.  Email Adriana to find out more.

Contact us to organise your party