Adriana Braid - Wedding Painter

Your wedding reception will be unique when Adriana paints as part of the entertainment of your big day.  I am so grateful you've stopped by to consider the option of a LIVE painting at the reception on your wedding day!  This painting will be an artistic impression of a memory of your choice on your wedding day. 


  • a scene at the ceremony, reception, or from the private photo shoot on the day.  
  • include some hobbies or personal fun activities that you are both all about.
  • a painting of yourself as "Simpson" characters
  • balloons, bubbles, hearts, or other symbols intricately connected to the heart of the bride and groom 
  • a group scene or simply a painting of the bride and groom 
  • incorporate those that have passed that couldn't be there on the day by painting them as butterflies or similar sentimental animals


  • everything will be pre-set at the reception before you and your guests arrive
  • an area of 3m x3m is a good start in terms of space
  • it is open so that you and your guests can watch the process
  • I allow up to 4 hours on-site
  • paintings are priced according to the size, level of detail, and time
  • allow extra for postage and if you would like additional services like framing


I will contact you to discuss the details further when you send through an enquiry.  Please send as much information as possible.


I also specialise in Hen's Party Celebrations, "Paint and Sip" style. I will teach you and your guests at your Hen Party to paint a masterpiece of your choice from the Gallery on the Painting Party website.   From canvases to murals, Adriana creates a personal painting for you or your group events.  Use the chat box below and let us know what you would like commissioned from pet portraits to a variation of your corporate logo to a painting project for your office foyer, lunchroom or home. 

I look forward to hearing your ideas for your Wedding Painting! 

Photo by Ian Stone, Posh Photography courtesy of Palm Cove Weddings 

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